Milk Beach is located at the base of Hermit Bay within the Sydney Harbour National Park.

You can get to Milk Beach via public transport (hop on the 325 bus from the city) chartered boat or by car. Please note there is limited off-street parking available.

Unique features:

Milk Beach is a small isolated beach within the grounds of the heritage listed Strickland House.

This location includes park like areas around the house, leading to a small beach enclosed by a few jutting rocks with great views into the Harbour and the Sydney Harbour bridge.

Although this beach has the potential to get “packed” (Aussie term for over-populated) you can venture to the right of the beach and up the stairs, to find a few relatively isolated proposal spots on the walk between Milk Beach and Neilson Park.

What you need to know:

Strickland House can be privately hired for weddings and other events. At time of writing this, you will need to phone 02 9337 5999 to establish if the grounds are closed for a function prior to turning up.    

Also, check that your proposal date doesn't clash with other public events (such as New Years Eve and the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race) as it’s a popular vantage point.

I did notice a sign on the gate mentioning that no alcohol was permitted between 1.11.2015 and 31.03.2016 and that penalties apply. I don't know how you feel about missing out on a glass of celebratory Moet after your proposal but regardless, the recommendation to create your own unique DIY picnic is still a MUST for this great location. Check out our Sydney proposal picnic ideas to build your very own customised romantic proposal picnic.

What makes this place rock:

On the day I went to Milk Beach, dressed in jeans, t-shirt and lugging around a ridiculously heavy photography pack (I know, what was I thinking right?) I was immediately taken back to my last day in Cancun Mexico and to a beach in Tulum… knowing that I had only 12 hours left before boarding a flight to head back to Australia, I was more then a little bummed. People on the beach were having the BEST time, there was music, laughter and great bods all soaking up the summer sun and you could really feel all the beachside goodness in the air. And me? I had to go home.

Cut to last Saturday at Milk Beach on one of the best days of the season, a boat was moored just off the beach playing great music, people were laughing, eating, drinking and enjoying the fabulous weather. Funny thing is that it was even better then the beach in the Caribbean which made the experience surreal because I actually live here, I had no planes to catch but with all that gear I still felt like a tourist!

If you are going to pop the question at this fabulous beach side location in Sydney, try and ensure you get one of  “these” days.  If you go down there and the weather is crap, hide that awesome ring and wait for the bestest day. Or not… I’m sure it would be gorgeous in Winter as well.

Seriously this place is the best.

And when you do decide on Milk Beach for the location of your proposal, contact Marryme Sydney Proposal Photography so we can be there to support and document your big moment.