Ciaran had planned to propose to Sinead on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Lily pond bridge in Centennial Park, Sydney.

My mission was to capture Ciaran’s big moment without Sinead suspecting a thing, basically to get in and out without being noticed.   


I am an expert when it comes to undercover surprise proposals and love that I always get to take portraits of my couple post YES but this time the aim was to get the big moment and disappear. I remember feeling like I was mixed up in some crazy covert operation as I madly ran from tree to tree, praying that Sinead wouldn’t glance my way.


Afterwards, I was dying to know what Sinead thought of it all:

“… It was amazing, she was truly blown away and did not expect it at all! ..... She was just delighted that we have images that captured that moment, considering she didn’t have a clue! She just couldn’t understand how you got some of the pictures and how she didn’t notice”

We are so glad you didn’t catch on Sinead and so happy for you both!  Congratulations.


Marryme Sydney