No proposal enquiries for Valentine's Day? Isn't this supposed to be the biggest day of the year for love? Surely there would be at least one person who was in need of our services? Then it dawned on me that those looking for awesome proposal photography coverage by Marryme aren't the sort of people who would actually propose on Valentine's day!

When researching for this post, most people I spoke with said " It's just a Hallmark moment" and " So cliche" and a large percentage of women responded by saying that they would "Absolutely hate to be proposed to on Valentine's day." 


Today we made our way down to Mrs Macquarie's chair and yesI had packed a lunch and yes, there was champagne and not because it was "Valentine's" but because I love any excuse to drink alcohol at noon. I had organised our picnic to coincide with a visit to the Art Gallery of NSW as it was the last day of The Greats exhibition. It just so happened that the day we decided to spend together (in public) was Valentine's day. 

So, there I was perched on a picnic blanket, sucking down a bottle of bubbles and stuffing soft cheese into my mouth like it was my last meal and the LOVE was everywhere. There were #lovedup couples strolling hand in hand, single red roses in cellophane popping out of the side of backpacks and tote bags. Heart shaped stamps on footpaths. Uber even changed their car icons to hearts for the day! 

On top of this, I received a rose packed into my youfoodz order a few days ago... seriously? really?

Yep. Deadset romantic.

You have permission (on this day only) to be romantic!

You have permission (on this day only) to be romantic!

So the question you came here today to have answered is, should you propose on Valentine's day? 

The answer is... do what ever you want but ideally pick a day that is special to you both. 

Also, choose a day that isn't over saturated with heart shaped things, fluffy white teddy bears, the colour red, Pandora charms and over priced hotel accommodation. 

* Red roses image is a stock image. Photo source unknown