Shark Island is located at the mouth of Rose Bay on Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour) and this small Island is simply AMAZING.

Unique features:

Shark Island has grass areas and rocky platforms which are great for a picnic and make for wonderful - yet intimate - propose locations.

There is a series of awesome old small stone buildings to explore as well as sheltered picnic tables scattered across the island, in case of rain. There is also a large gazebo for extra coverage in inclement weather.

Plan ahead and organise a gourmet hamper to take to this great picnic spot as there is nowhere to buy food or drinks. Checkout our marriage proposal planning ideas to get some ideas on creating the perfect picnic basket in Sydney or order a gourmet hamper though the Sydney Picnic Company for your perfect proposal experience.

What you need to know:

You can access Shark Island by a ferry service such as Captain Cook Cruises that runs four trips a day out of Circular Quay . Just make sure the island isn’t booked for a private function on that day, preventing you access. You can also get to Shark Island via water taxi and private vessels may be used for pick-up and drop-off with permission only. On the day I was there, a party of people in Kayaks rocked up. Shark Island is only accessible by boat and wheelchair access is not available. 

It is a popular destination for proposals so be prepared to be flexible as to where you will propose on the day!

We noticed there was no garbage bins so you will need to bring something to put your rubbish in. Also, you might want to consider taking a roll of toilet paper, just in case it has run out from the public facilities provided. On the day I visited, it was well stocked.

I didn't take beer though and I regretted that move .....

Information on Shark Island can also be obtained from the Sydney Harbour National Park Information Centre, located in Cadmans Cottage at The Rocks or check out this link

What makes this place ROCK:

It’s a beautiful Island, big enough to get away from others. Sydney proposal locations on the harbour can get quite crowded, unless there is a big family gathering or a party it’s very possibly you will have your own piece of paradise for your proposal. I visited on a Saturday and there was only a couple of people enjoying the serenity of Sydney harbour.

I have noticed that morning is less busy then afternoon, so catching the first Captain Cook cruise will ensure that there is minimal people on the island as other boats and group tours invade later on, throughout the day.