Now, I don't consider myself a domestic goddess but I do know goodness when I taste it.

I have always had a thing for chilli, chocolate and cinnamon so I took a leaf from from my very own (and very successful molten chocolate lava cake recipe) book and integrated these flavours into something a little easier to transport.

Spice up your Sydney marriage proposal experience with my chocolate covered strawberries, a perfect accompaniment to your post proposal glass of Moet or gosh darn it, for any reason at all really!


-          12 small strawberries or 6-8 largish strawberries.

-          50 dark chocolate Cadbury melts

-          20 milk chocolate Cadbury melts

-          2 small birds eye chillies to add some SPICE and turn up the HEAT

-          One teaspoon of ground cinnamon because everyone loves a nice warm HUG

Other stuff you will need:

- A glass bowl and a microwave

Real chocolate will burn easily so use a glass or metal bowl over a saucepan of simmering water or a microwave proof bowl in the microwave. To be absolutely sure that you don't spoil your chocolate,  follow the melting instructions on the back of the chocolate pack.

- Grease proof paper (baking paper) and some sort of tray to put your dipped strawberries on

- Paper towel

- A spoon to mix your chocolate

- A fork to remove chillies from your chocolate mix

- Its handy to have some toothpicks on the ready. As you can see from my pictures the stems tend to fall off.  Boo.


Water and chocolate don’t mix. This means that if any  WATER or moisture gets into your chocolate it will seize up. Make sure to pat your strawberries dry with paper towel. Actually it may be best to keep them out of the fridge for a few hours before as well.

Prepare a tray with wax paper in advance for your freshly dipped strawberries.

Microwave the chocolate melts at 30 second intervals and stir in between, until its nearly done.

Add the cinnamon, mix through and microwave on 5 second intervals until smooth.

Make sure the chillies are completely dry and place them WHOLE  (don’t cut them up) into the chocolate mix and stir through, let stand for a few minutes so the chili heat permeates into the chocolate.

WARNING : Don't microwave your chillies.


Yep, I learnt the hard way. 

Take the chillies out with your fork (put aside) and re-microwave your chocolate on 5 second intervals to make sure the chocolate is smooth enough for dipping.

Hold each strawberry by the stem and dip them into the chocolate with a rolling motion, to cover the strawberry.

If there is too much chocolate on your berry, lightly scrape off excess on the side of the chocolate bowl.

Place each strawberry on the grease proof paper to set and/or speed up that process in the fridge. 

If you need to transport your masterpieces to your marriage proposal location in Sydney, place them in a grease proof paper lined container (in a cooler bag) as the strawberries will sweat in the Sydney heat.

And Voila! You have your fancy and lets be real here "sexy" strawberries ready to go...

Now all you need to do is contact us to capture your moment!

Marryme Sydney