Statistically marriage proposals occur from the beginning of November through to Valentines day.  It makes sense though! The weather is fantastic in Sydney and we have so many different proposal locations for you to choose from.

Here are 8 essential rules on creating the perfect marriage proposal:


The element of surprise.

The number one tip is SURPRISE.

Diversion is the key. Get your friends involved. They will help pull it all together and divert attention away from your plans. This is where creative thinking comes into play and "keeping it simple" is key.


The ring. 

If your going to do it, do it with an amazing engagement ring. We recommend Zoe Pook Jewellery.

Click here for information on getting the sizing just right for your surprise proposal.


The Manicure.

Organise to gift them a pampering session (through a friend) or stage a fake competition win. An engagement ring will sparkle even more on an awesomely manicured hand.


Think outside the (ring) box.

Maybe this is your chance to bypass the typical proposal backdrops of Sydney, like the opera house or Sydney Harbour. Why not try bohemian Newtown on a Saturday afternoon? The area has some great street art for dramatic colour in your proposal images and they won't suspect a thing.


The Backup plan.

All I can say here is three words, wet-weather-plan. Sydney’s weather has been unpredictable lately and it can be seriously sunny one minute and outright stormy the next so you really need a backup plan for inclement weather, particularly when you are planning to host your proposal on or near Sydney Harbour. 

Watch this space as we plan to include some great Sydney proposal locations (including wet weather options) in the near future.


Personalise it.

We all want to feel loved and adored. Let them know you love them by thinking of the little things. Do they love a particular flower? Where was the location where you first kissed? Or maybe there is something unique about them that only you can express? If so, use it. They will feel that you have put extra love and care into your plans and this will help create the ultimate moment for both of you.


Pack a picnic.

Whether it’s a gourmet picnic created by Sydney Picnic Company or a chilled bottle of Moet in a backpack, think celebration! You are both bound to be hungry after the adrenaline wears off so why not make the most of it and enjoy your proposal location? 

Follow us over the coming weeks as we include gourmet food ideas, to help you build the perfect DIY proposal picnic.


Capture it.

That’s where we come in! You’ve gone to all the effort, now you just need to remember it.

Contact us today to discuss your proposal plans and secure your date.